Community Educational Materials

This page aggregates publicly available educational materials from the former FutureGrid community that have been used in courses, tutorials, and workshops.  If you plan to use FutureSystems in your educational and training activities, you can benefit and build upon class materials developed by former FutureGrid users, contribute your own to the community, and disseminate your work - see instructions below on how to add content.

Links to Material:
How to Add Your Content:

If you are a FutureSystems user with an active educational project and would like to contribute your own materials with a page hosted on the FutureSystems portal, please go through the following steps to have your material linked here:
  • Select "Add a Community page" from the Community tab of the top menu (or follow this direct link) to create a page
  • Edit the page with your content. The FutureSystems portal supports a browser-based Web page editor; refer to our FAQ for more information on using the editor.
  • Send a help request via including in the subject of your message "Request for class materials page", providing a link or the name of your FutureSystems project in the body of your message, and a link to the page you want to be linked.