Frequently Asked Questions - Account

A forgotten password cannot be recovered, but you can set a new password by following these steps. You must complete ALL the steps to save your new password for future use.

1) Go to the Portal login page, and click the "Request new password" tab:

2) Enter your portal username and complete the CAPTCHA, then click the "E-mail new password" button:

3) You should see a message informing you to expect an email:

4) You will shortly receive at your Futuresystems-registered email address an email with a link to a one-time login page.

Note that the email actually contains two links, you want to use the longer first link:

5) After opening the link in your email, you will see the Reset password page. Click the "Log in" button:

If you get an "Access Denied" message at this point, please clear all cookies from your browser, close your browser, and try again. Detailed instructions for clearing specific cookies are browser-dependent and beyond the scope of this FAQ but you may find some guidance at

6) You will be directed to your My account page. Enter a new password of your choosing in the "Password" and "Confirm password" fields.

Please set a "high" strength password.

7) IMPORTANT: you must scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Submit" button:

Submit button at bottom of page

Your password is now reset and saved.

Note: You can avoid needing to remember a separate password for the Futuresystems Portal by linking an OpenID account.

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Deletion of a user can be a complex process in case a user has used FG resources. However, the following is for most project leads sufficient:
  1. To remove a user from your project you simply can edit your project page and remove the user name from the list of members or alumni's. If the user is in no other valid project he will no longer be able to use FG. 
  2. If the user realy needs to be removed from the system or from the portal, please fill out the form at with the username and the reason why he should be removed. 
‚ÄčNaturally, if you detect that a user acts maliciously, please inform us immediately. We will disable access. Put in your subject line the prefix URGENT.

The time of approval for your portal account is typically very short if you are part of a US or international university, have published papers in academic journals or conferences and provide an e-mail that can be verified to be part of the university. The same is true for user of for profit organizations.

Undergraduate and graduate students MUST include the names of their advisor in the application form.

However, if you decide to use gmail, hotmail, or other non organizational e-mails that make it difficult for us to verify that you are the person that you claim you are and this process may be prolonged because we may have to contact you for additional information to verify your identity. One of the things we may ask you is to apply for a project to describe the work that you intend to conduct on FG. At times, this information will be sufficient. In most cases you can avoid this delay by using a university or employer based e-mail in your application.

See also:

When you apply for accounts to use FutureGrid resources, we do verify your identity. Providing your university email is helpful and speeds up the process. Additionally, it is often a good idea to point to publications by internationally accepted journals in your comment section. We have had to decline account requests in the past because they did not provide such information.

Please remember that we assume you have applied for an account. We also assume that you are in a valid project. If you are not, your account request will not be issued. You find in your...

if you are in an approved project.

Now the question is how long will it take for my account to be approved. Typically the approval takes up to three business days. Business days are between Mon-Fri 9-5 p.m. Account requests will not be handled over the weekend. For example, assume you are applying on Friday at 4:59 p.m., then you will get an answer back in 48 hours. If your account request is granted, the status at...

will automatically change. Hence it is easy for you to revisit this page from time to time to check on your status. In case your account is not created within three business days, please make sure you are in a valid project and have submitted your request. 

The singlt most reason for a dealay is the verification that you are you and that you have a reason to use FG. THus we advise you to uses valid e-mails, valid First and Lastname, and provide us with the address of your advisor as part of the portal account application. A link to your institutional web site is also useful. We will delete all requests without notification that do not provide enough information and look like spammers.


See also
  1. You must create a portal account before you can apply for a project
  2. File a FutureSystems project for your class
  3. Ask your students to sign up for a portal account
  4. Add your students as members to the project
  5. Decide what resources your students need and ask them to apply for the appropriate account while using the account menu in the portal (make sure they are checked on in your FutureSystems project).
  6. Accounts will be created if the user/student is in the members list of a valid project and the resources you checked in your project application are corresponding to the one requested by the student

One of the issues we often see with classes is that some students apply on Saturdays or Sundays, or one day before the assignments are due. Please make sure they are aware that account applications will be fulfilled typically only during working days (Mon-Fri) with 48 hours delay.

We are no longer supporting Eucalyptus on FutureSystems.

Old information is available at:
  1. if you do not have a portal account, apply for a portal account at
  2. Change your ssh-keys while going to:
  3. Please note that a portal account does not mean you can log into any FG account. Via the portal make sure that the project you participate in has been approved.  Also make sure you are part of an approved project. You can check this by going to