FutureGrid Source Repository and Management

We have moved the FutureGrid source code from sourceforge (see the obsoleted section below) to github and reorganized them into separate projects. The FutureGrid project home is located at:

See individual project by choosing one of the repositories from the left side.

[Obsoleted since April 2012

The FutureGrid source code is maintained at sourceforge.net. The project home is located at:

The online viewer of the repository is at:

To check out the code, please use

svn co https://futuregrid.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/futuregrid/ futuregrid

from a *nix terminal with subversion client installed. This will check out the entire source tree.

From Windows, use other client tools like 'tortoise' for repository checkout and management.

To contribute/commit code/papers/presentations, etc., please create a sourceforge account first, and then contact Gregor or Fugang to be added as a member of the project.

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