How much space can I use in FutureSystems?

FutureGrid does not have a fixed storage policy. The need for storrage is typically discussed with the help of Gregor von Laszewski ( and the FG Systems engeneer. As FG has at least 7 clusters each of the clusters has its own limitations.

The biggest storage is available on India, which has 3TB drives per server. However some of it is naturally devoted to the OS and other system related services. 

One of the limitations of FG is that it has a limited home file system, thus copying data in and out of the machines may become an issue, that is best discussed  with us.

The way to start this discussion is to describe you project, while pointing out your project description and explicitly include in this project the scale and needs arising for your activities. In the meanwhile the manual provides some overview about what the absolute availability of space on a per node basis is.