Metagenome analysis of benthic marine invertebrates

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Life Science
We are carrying out deep sequencing of environmental DNA from benthic marine organisms that are important components of their community but that have not been extensively examined genomically. In these organisms, symbiotic bacteria are demonstrably critical to host survival. The metagenomes are extremely complex, yet robust assemblies can sometimes be achieved. These properties make benthic marine invertebrates excellent models for NGS technology. In this project, we will use Future Grid resources to carry out de novo assembly of marine invertebrate metagenomic sequence data, a process that requires large amounts of memory and CPU power due the volume of data.
Use of FutureSystems
Future Grid will be used for de novo assembly of metagenomic sequence data generated by Illumina technology. FG will also be used for the analysis of the assembled data - including automatic annotation and large scale BLAST searches
Scale of Use
Assemblies using the program Meta-Velvet require a single node with a large amount of memory (~150 GB). Ideally we would be able to SSH into a single node to run the assembly. Long-term we may explore more distributed workflows.