Metagenomic Analysis and Novel Pathogen Discovery from Human Lower Respiratory Tract Samples and Bat Fecal Samples

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Life Science
In recent years, the emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, i.e. influenza viruses, coronaviruses pose high risk for human health. Majority of the current infectious pathogens are inter-species transmissible. It is indicated that the migrating and gregarious animals (such as bar-head goose and bat) and other human-contact animals (i.e. poultry, mice) are the major natural hosts of these pathogens. The geography is one of the most important factors influencing the animal behavior and migration. we will focus on the epidemiological researches of infectious pathogens in animals and the contacted human populations. The pan-viral primers and next-generation sequencing will be used in the pathogen screening and identification. We will also use the previous identified pathogen-derived major antigens and epitopes to evaluate the human immune base-line to the new pathogens. Our study will provide new and crucial references for the surveillance and control of the current emerging inter-sepcies infectious pathogens, i.e. influenza viruses, coronaviruses.
Use of FutureSystems
We will use Future Grid to assemble large metagenomic DNA sequence datasets. We will also do ancillary tasks in refining genome assemblies, such as carrying out large-scale BLAST searches. Meanwhile, we will use Future Grid to stimulate the construction of protein via denovo or homology models.
Scale of Use
We need to use computer nodes with large RAM for a week.