Spring 2016 - Independent Study - Apache Storm,Apache Kafka,RabbitMQ performance bottle-necks in strongly scalable environment.

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Computer Science
Project Keywords
Apache Storm is an open source framework to handle realtime streaming data processing.We use varies tools like Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ with Apache Storm to solve real world use cases. This project will do sort of performance tests which lead to identify which sub-tools are good with Apache Storm and where are the bottle necks happens. Also check performance issues with strong scalability environment. Further this project will try to compare Apache Storm with Apache Spark streaming to identify which frame work is best for which use cases.
Use of FutureSystems
I will deploy Apache Storm , Apache kafka , RabbitMq and few other open source softwares on FurtureSystems and run performance tests on it.
Scale of Use
set of VMs for run performance tests time to time.