SpeQulos: A Framework for QoS in Unreliable Distributed Computing Infrastructures using Cloud Resources.

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Computer Science
Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) allow users to combine Grids, Desktop Grids, Clouds, etc. to obtain for their users even larger computing capabilities. In this project, we deploy an experimental study of the SpeQuloS framework which aims at providing QoS to best effort computing infrastructures, such as Desktop Grid, by provisioning on-demand Cloud resources, using Nimbus over Future Grid.
Use of FutureSystems
In this project, we will use the Nimbus feature of FutureGrid to allocate some Cloud VM with SpeQuloS to support best effort DCIs.
Scale of Use
Our primary goal is to validate the capacity of SpeQuloS to use a Nimbus based Cloud, so few resources (few VMs) are needed.
Further collaboration may lead to a larger experimentation, in that case more resources could be needed.