Evaluation of using XD TAS (Technology Auditing Service) in FutureGrid

Project Information

Computer Science (401) 

This project will explore how to utilize the XD TAS (Technology Auditing Service) framework as part of FG and identify if modifications to TAS need to be made in order to fulfill the needs of FutureGrid.

Intellectual Merit

Such a system is not available at this time in TG nor in other projects. There are only indifidually managed log files in the various cloud environments. Furthermore, we will help with the integration of auditing mechanisms into the HPC side of FG.

Broader Impacts

Users of FG will be able to visualize a lot of data related to usage of hardware and services. This data can be exposed based on role based access control. We will be working with the FG team to identify the security implications for authentication and authorization.

Project Contact

Project Lead
Charng-Da Lu (charngda) 
Project Manager
Charng-Da Lu (charngda) 

Resource Requirements

Hardware Systems
  • alamo (Dell optiplex at TACC)
  • foxtrot (IBM iDataPlex at UF)
  • hotel (IBM iDataPlex at U Chicago)
  • india (IBM iDataPlex at IU)
  • sierra (IBM iDataPlex at SDSC)
  • xray (Cray XM5 at IU)
Use of FutureGrid

The use of FG is twofold: a) We will be exploring the use of TAS processes and technologies as part of FG. b) We will also work with the FG group to explore the use of TAS in cloud platforms.

Scale of Use

The scale will be low, we need mostly access the services. We will be working together with the system administrators to decide who we can report the data and build a data collection service for auditing events.

Project Timeline

12/14/2010 - 14:44