India Outage on Thursday January 15th

FutureGrid Hardware Outage Information

India Outage on Thursday January 15th

Impacted systems
Start of outage
Thu, 15 Jan 2015, 08:00 EST
Anticipated end of outage
Fri, 16 Jan 2015, 19:00 EST


Dear All:

January 15th we will have a maintenance day on India. This will require us to TERMINATE all running VMs. I urge those that need to backup things to do this quickly. If you do not need your VM, please terminate it.

The network of India will be reconfigured and we anticipate that any VM may be effected by this reconfiguration.

Furthermore, we like to remind you that you update your images with new patches for the OS once India becomes available again on Friday.

We strongly recommend that you have completed your termination and your backup of the VM by today 5pm EST. In case you have concerns please contact the help mail address or better use the help form on the portal. Please do this latest by today noon EST.

The outage may also effect other services. We anticipate that the machine will become available for use late Friday.

Thanks for your attention