Openstack Kilo service interruption

FutureGrid Hardware Outage Information

Openstack Kilo service interruption

Software System, Network
Impacted systems
Start of outage
Thu, 24 Mar 2016, 13:00 EDT
Anticipated end of outage
Sat, 26 Mar 2016, 09:00 EDT


India openstack kilo is now experiencing service abnormal due to restoring of its network resources after rebooting several nodes that were down. During this process new request to create VMs would mostly fail eventually. Existing VMs would be experiencing network access interruptions as well.
Updated on 7:30pm EDT: Had to extend this to end of the day.
Updated on 8:30am EDT: Had to further extend this for a configuration change as the current restoring took much longer than expected.

Updated on 11:30pm EDT, Friday: We have combined this activity with the adding of more nodes thus we had to further extend the outage. After this we will have 18 more nodes thus accommodating more VMs for course projects.


As of 9am EDT Saturday, the system is back to normal operation. 18 new nodes were added to support more VMs.