PerfClusters - Analysis and Selection of Public Clusters Based on QoE (Quality of Experience)

Project Details

Project Lead
Antonio Rafael Braga 
Project Manager
Antonio Rafael Braga 
Supporting Experts
Yuduo Zhou, Xiaoming Gao  
Federal University of CearĂ¡, Department of Teleinformatics Engineering  
Engineering, n.e.c. (114) 
14.10 Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering 


We intend to develop a module that will attach itself to PerfCloud in order to make possible the analysis of performance not only for a particular cloud, but also other clouds or even grids or traditional physical cluster. For such, we must adjust the execution of benchmarks of the tool PerfCloud to execution in other environments.

Intellectual Merit

Integrate research activities into the teaching of science, math and engineering.

Broader Impacts

Participate in developing new approaches (e.g., use of information technology and connectivity) to engage underserved individuals, groups, and communities in science and engineering.

Scale of Use

I want to run a set of comparisons on entire systems and for each I'll need about 12 years to do that.