Course: CCGrid2011 Tutorial

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he FutureGrid (FG) testbed provides computing capabilities that will enable researchers to tackle complex research challenges related to the use of Grids and Clouds. The FG testbed includes a geographically distributed set of heterogeneous computing systems, of about 5000 cores, a data management system that will hold both metadata and a growing library of software images necessary for Cloud computing, and a dedicated network allowing isolated, secure experiments. The testbed supports virtual machine-based environments, as well as operating systems on native hardware for experiments aimed at minimizing overhead and maximizing performance. The tutorial starts with an introduction and overview of the services offered by FutureGrid to the community.
Use of FutureSystems
We will be using futuregird for hands on HPC, Eucalyptus and Nimbus demonstrations
Scale of Use
We will be using at most 4 machines and 8 cores for hpc. We do not yet know how many participants we will have.