Course: Fresno System Architecture and Cloud Computing Class

Project Details

Project Lead
Cui Lin 
Project Manager
Cui Lin 
Project Members
Alwin Amalraj, Bryant Cardwell, Ekaterina Emelyanenko, Yogesh Bansal, Ron Bramlett, geetha Manukonda, Vaishnavi Chigarapalle, rahul mohanani  
Supporting Experts
, Tak-Lon Wu  
California State University, Fresno, Computer Science  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


The project provides computing environments for students in class CS146 and CS148 to learn system programming and Cloud computing.

Intellectual Merit

Integrate research activities and advanced technology into the teaching of computer science courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Broader Impacts

Students can acquire in-depth understanding on Unix/Linux operating system programming, distributed computing and have hand-on experiences on Cloud computing. Graduate students are able to have chances to perform their research using the high-end computing environments. Advanced technologies will attract more students in choosing the profession of computing in the future.

Scale of Use

10 VMs should be sufficient for the project. More VMs may be requested if necessary.