Cloud Computing for Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Project Details

Project Lead
Koray Incki 
Project Manager
Koray Incki 
Project Members
Mehmet Aktas  
TUBITAK, Information Tech. Inst.  
Computer Science (401) 
11.01 Computer and Information Sciences, General 


Testing-as-a-Service has recently become a viable testing model to achieve reduced costs and improved service for software test requirements. This project will investigate a cloud based framework to be used as a Testing-as-a-Service solution. This will help organizations with confidently transition from a on-premise to a Cloud test environment. This project aims to offer a highly accessible, dynamically scalable and low-cost test solution, that allows users to outsource your testing requirements, and avoiding complex contracts, long start-up times, and high levels on investment in testing. The project will use the state of art standardized and efficient test methodologies and investigate new testing methodologies that completes transparency of the test progress and certainty of the outcomes. As result of this project, we intent to create a cloud-based composite framework for software testing and quality assessment. Such testing framework will provide capabilities such as testing software projects of varying scale and duration, from very small test tasks to large projects involving continuous testing.

Intellectual Merit

Will allow applications to be tested within the testing framework which will be produced in this project.

Broader Impacts

All software will be available in the open-source domain.

Scale of Use

large number of VMs (100), each running varying duration (expected to be less than 24 hours) depending on the test task.