Daphnia pulex Population Genomics

Project Details

Project Lead
Richard Keith 
Project Manager
Richard Keith 
Project Members
Craig Jackson, Elizabeth Turner, Michael Mathews, Abraham Tucker, Jeff Dudycha  
Supporting Experts
Indiana University - Bloomington, Joe Shaw Lab / SPEA  
Genetics (610) 
26.01 Biology, General 


Our goal is to use this computing platform to streamline the computationally intense genome mapping algorithms currently available. Soon, our group will have over 100 full-genome Illumina sequenced Daphnia isolates and through FutureGrid we aim to develop a less time-intensive mapping process to the Daphnia reference genome.

Intellectual Merit

Enhance Infrastructure for Research and Education

Broader Impacts

This will help to enhance collaborations between genome scientists, and computer scientists, and allow dissemination of computationally intense genomic methods of investigation

Scale of Use

A few runs of the mapping software with comparisons. Time should be about 1 week total