Pegasus development and improvement platform

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Computer Science
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This project is to give all members of the Pegasus team unified access to FutureGrid resources under one project umbrella. We believe that FutureGrid can be a valuable pool of resources to help us run automatic tests of our Pegasus software build process, and by virtue of being a cloud hosting VM, contribute to a wide variety of OS flavors to build binary bundles for. This is a repetitive operation likely over the lifetime of FutureGrid.
Use of FutureSystems
I can see three essential use-cases:
[1] bringing up a couple of small resource uniform VM for build-integrated testing.
[2] bringing up a couple of medium-size development heterogeneous VMs for cross-flavor packaging.
[3] bringing up a large number of uniform VM for domain science experiment runs. However, these will explore the computer-science, i.e. workflow, side of the experiments, disregarding any domain science results.
Scale of Use
About a dozen of resources for a short duration. Some burstiness possible for occasional experiments, though we prefer to point our users to FutureGrid and have them apply for their own projects. However, if problems during such experiments occur, it is simpler for us to have access to our own project, and thus FutureGrid resources, in order to debug problems or test use-cases.

We might be able to help FutureGrid with scalability testing.