Elastic Site

Project Details

Project Lead
Barani Subramanian 
Project Manager
Barani Subramanian 
Governmrnt College Of Technology,Coimbatore, Information Technology  
Computer Science (401) 


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing provides the ability to elastically provision and relinquish new resources in response to changes in demand.In our work, we develop a model of an “elastic site” that efficiently adapts services provided within a site, such as batch schedulers, storage archives.To avoid over- or under-provisioning the resources we propose three different policies to efficiently schedule resource deployment based on demand.

Intellectual Merit

Through this project, we link to the already existing,sharable cloud community and schedule our jobs to the cloud resources and get the work done easily with good performance.

Broader Impacts

Develop an extendible resource site through which the job can be completed at a much quicker time than normal processing.

Scale of Use

8GB RAM, 100GB harddisk,5 virtual machines for a period of 45 days(till april 30th 2012)