FutureGrid Early Users

Project Details

Project Lead
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Manager
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Members
Huian Li, Don Berry, Jim Dietz, Jaliya Ekanayake, Ray Sheppard, Scott Michael, Yogendra Ghatpande, Sergej Mueller, Tim Freeman, Arjun Prakash, Saurabh Seghal, Sotiria Lampoudi, Derek Weitzel, Jon Weissman, Divakar Rajamohan, Anthony Tiradani, James Brown, ShuoHuan Chang, Thiago Rebello, Shakeela Noohir Baasha, Adarsh Yoga, Pranav Shah, Chengming Ge, Adrija Sen, Changsi An, Feng Tao, Justin Zurschmeide, Parag Malshe, Rishikesh Venugopal, Daniel Kogler, Sumin Mohanan, Ahmed Alothman, Mariusz Mamonski, JunWeon Yoon, Amy Apon, Xiaoyong Zhou, Aniket Rastogi, Pairoj Rattadilok, Josh Yaganeh, Andrea Gambini  
Indiana University, Digital Science Center, School of Informatics and Computing  
Computer Science (401) 


FutureGrid did have an early user phase that did not manage users through this portal. This project is created to provide the ability to add these users to this project as to maintain them in the portal and include them into our statistics. This project is classified as completed and if users like to continue using FG they will need to apply for new projects.

Intellectual Merit

This project is used to group early users into one project.

Broader Impacts

This project allows us to keep a record about the early users

Scale of Use

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