Deploy OpenNebula on FutureGrid

Project Details

Project Lead
Gregor von Laszewski 
Project Manager
Javier Diaz Montes 
Project Members
Javier Diaz Montes  
Supporting Experts
Javier Diaz Montes  
Indiana University, Digital Science Center, School of Informatics and Computing  
Computer Science (401) 


OpenNebula is an open-source toolkit which allows to transform existing infrastructure into an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud with cloud-like interfaces. Thus, our aim is to to deploy OpenNebula in FutureGrid to test it and enable a production instance to provide other users with the posibility to use it as a service.

Intellectual Merit

Open Nebula is an important project in Europe with considerable following. It may be a good idea to make OpenNebula available to FG users for comparative studies

Broader Impacts

Part of the FutureGrid project

Scale of Use

As many as possible


At this time we do have a small OpenNebula cloud installed internally for the FG software Group. This Group uses this cloud as part of the image management.


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