Development of an information service for FutureGrid

Project Details

Project Lead
Hyungro Lee 
Project Manager
Hyungro Lee 
Project Members
Gregor von Laszewski  
Indiana University, Digital Science Center  
Computer Science (401) 


While using FG as a platform we will be designing, implementing and deploying an information service for FG that will collect in detail information about the actual utilization of FG in regards to provisioning, utilization of images and of distributed runtime frameworks (hadoop, mpi, ...). In addition this Information system can be used to implement application level monitoring for Grid and Cloud applications. This system is using a messaging system and a nonsql based data service (most likely Mongodb and Apache QPID messaging system).> We will demonstrate the usefulness of the system in the two contexts (a) observing utilization on the system level (b) using the system to develop an application that is agnostic towards network faults. The application domain we chose for this project is bioinformatics while considering biological applications such as BLAST, R, and ClustalW.

Intellectual Merit

Future Grid needs to have an information service collecting the status of images and of distributed runtime frameworks (hadoop, mpi, ...).

Broader Impacts

Could help all FutureGrid users

Scale of Use

a few VMs for an experiment