ExTENCI Testing, Validation, and Performance

Project Details

Project Lead
Preston Smith 
Project Manager
James Weichel 
Project Members
Todd Miller, Subhra Sarkar  
Supporting Experts
Gregor von Laszewski  
Purdue University, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing  
Computer Science (401) 


The ExTENCI project is developing and providing production quality enhancements to the National CyberInfrastructure that will enable specific science applications to more easily use both OSG and XSEDE or broaden access to a capability to both XSEDE and OSG users. One project within ExTENCI is developing tools and portals to create, manage, deploy, and submit VMs to cloud computing services. Another is providing Lustre/WAN capability to the National CI, including within a VM. As part of that work, we want to test and validate the performance of these capabilities using different cloud technologies and implementations. We are proposing the use of FutureGrid for these purposes.

Intellectual Merit

The proposed activity will result in a set of VM capabilities to create, manage, deploy, and submit VMs that are applicable to the computing clouds provided across the national cyberstructure. We will publish performance results and document how scientists can to use these capabilities.

Broader Impacts

This work will enhance the infrastructure for research and education by providing facilities to simplify use of computing and cloud resources.

Scale of Use

We needs a few (10s) of VMs to verify tools and performance. Optionally, based on availability, we could employ 100s of VMs on a production science workload to test performance at production levels and complete science work in the process.