Disaster Recovery and Management using Twitter and MapReduce

Project Details

Project Lead
David Young 
Project Manager
David Young 
Supporting Experts
Tak-Lon Wu  
IUPUI, Computer Science Department  
Computer Science (401) 


We seek to develop a robust application aimed at disaster notification,recovery and management using Twitter feeds.This application explores the dynamic nature of twitter feeds over a region and period of time to develop a quick notification system for users to prepare to deal with disasters in real time.As an extension we seek to develop a predictive system usable over the future to serve the same purpose in disaster prone areas during the critical times of the year and deploy a mobile application for the same.

Intellectual Merit

Our project is unique in its integration of different technologies and the idea it proposes.We seek to integrate MapReduce with twitter and if possible extend the scope to Cloud and mobile application domain.

Broader Impacts

Our project is aimed at developing a robust and practical application that could serve to notify people about oncoming disasters soon enough for them to prepare for it.

Scale of Use

We require a few VMs for the project but a multinode cluster of Mapreduce