Performance evaluation of cloud storage placement

Project Details

Project Lead
Zhan Wang 
Project Manager
Zhan Wang 
Supporting Experts
Tak-Lon Wu  
George Mason University, Center for Secure Information Systems  
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Our main goal is to study architectural support for improving Cloud Computing security. As part of this big project, we are trying to evaluate the object access speed under different reading patterns. The patterns include reading files with different size and reading files from different storage devices. In order to minimize the network latency, we require the read requests to be issued from VMs nearby the storage devices.

Intellectual Merit

Our experiment is conducted for evaluating performance of cloud storage with different placements. Such placements are used to be managed by the cloud provider. Our results will help the cloud users to improve the throughput of their cloud application and apply more complex placement requirements.

Broader Impacts

The experiment will impact on the widespread use of cloud storage.

Scale of Use

I want to run a set of comparisons on entire systems and I'll need about 60 days to do that.