Cloud Computing : Confidentiality and Integrity of data

Project Details

Project Lead
Epaphras Matsangaise 
Project Manager
Epaphras Matsangaise 
Indiana University, School Of Informatics  
Computer Science (401) 


Investigating ways to improve cloud computing ratings/trust amongst potential users by researching ways on how to improve data confidentiality and integrity on the cloud.

Intellectual Merit

I am doing an independent study on Cloud Computing.

Broader Impacts

I believe that my findings on this subject could be helpful in the advancement of Cloud Computing. The results that l get form this project/investigation will help Cloud providers improve their services thus boosting potential clients' trust of the services. As it is now most business leaders are hesitant to move their data onto the cloud even though the cloud promises huge cost servings. Their reasons for not moving to the cloud are security related.

Scale of Use

I am not sure yet, but l know l will need to create some VMs.