J2EE Infrastructure Automation

Project Details

Project Lead
Rajiv Rajaian 
Project Manager
Rajiv Rajaian 
Anna University, CARE  
Computer Science (401) 


Java and J2EE based development projects are being very popular today. This projects helps in you to setup a Java/J2EE based development projects as automated. This would be helpful for both the educational and enterprise developments.

Intellectual Merit

Automated provisioning of J2EE based environments

Broader Impacts

The educational institutions in India doesn't have the capability of bring human resources specially trained as Project Developers. This project will be helpful for the enterprise for their developmental activities and the Students of Educational Institution will be able to learn this automated solution. So that the students will be much capable in Software development process.

Scale of Use

Initially we focus on the automation of J2EE environment. That will be requiring 4-5 VMs for experimenting.