Testing framework for big data leveraging Cloud

Project Details

Project Lead
Allwin Fernandez 
Project Manager
Allwin Fernandez 
Project Members
Preethi Karthik, satya neerukonda  
Supporting Experts
Tak-Lon Wu  
Computer sciences corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


This research aims to cover the following: - Formulate big data strategy for testing in cloud - Develop a framework for testing Big Data engagements - Validating selected scopes for Big Data - Address sustainability in measuring various test results

Intellectual Merit

This work will involve studying the big data testing strategy and apply key learning to leverage existing testing methodlogies to cloud platfrom. This can bring us to a very clear alternative to traditional approach. In traditional approach, there are several challenges in terms of validation of data traversal and load testing. Big data involves distrbuted nosql databases instance. For this we leverage Hadoop. With the combination of Talend (open source Big data tool) and Hadoop, we can explore list of big data tasks work flow. Following this, we will develop a framework to validate and verify the workflow, tasks and tasks complete. We will also identify the testing tool to be used for this operation

Broader Impacts

The main key features that leverage Bigdata test framework in cloud are • On demand hadoop testbed to test Big data • Virtualized application / service availability that need to be tested • Virtualized testing tool suite-Talend and jmeter • Managed test life cycle in Cloud • Different types of Big Data test metrics in cloud • Operations like import / export configurations and test artifacts in / out of the testbed

Scale of Use

Modest resources for each student