Community Comparison of Cloud frameworks

Project Details

Project Lead
Yong Zhao 
Project Manager
Yong Zhao 
Project Members
Gregor von Laszewski, Javier Diaz Montes, Youfu Li, hu zhao, xiashuang sun, Yu Chen, Liang Chen, Xiaolong Li, Peng Liu, Xinyang Wang, Xianrong Liu, Chenchen Zhu, Yao Chen  
University of Electronic Science and Technology, School of Computer Science and Engineering  
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Yong Zhao and Gregor von Laszewski met at SERVICES2012, where we identified that we have some overlapping goals in the area of Cloud metrics and performance measurement. This discussion was continued by proposing a potential collaborative work that we can conduct in order to extend the work presented at Cloud2012 with input from Yongs group. THis would allow researches such as a junior faculty Dr. Xue and several students to use FG. The goal would be to build a common Cloud testing suite/platform in the end that can benefit the cloud community at large. The web site for my group is at

Intellectual Merit

We have conducted a comparison between cloud frameworks that we could expand upon.

Broader Impacts

This project targets clearly educational users, but has impact on the Cloud community in general.

Scale of Use

We will use FG in various scalability experiments and hope o get as many nodes as possible. We will conduct repeated experiments.