Course: Large Scale Computing Infrastructure 2012 Master class

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This is class [MINF4526] in the fall semester 2012 lectures at UZH This class will provide an introductory overview on large scale computing infrastructures. Taking both an engineering and end-user perspective, the main focus will be on how scientific usecases can be enabled on such systems, what are the main technical challenges that have to be addressed and what are the currently available solutions. The class will survey the current approaches in large scale computing. Grid and Clouds will be treated as different approaches to the same category of problems: integrating large scale high throughput scientific usecases. The first part will cover an in-depth study on actual technologies used in modern distributed infrastructures focusing on security, access protocols, data handling and usability. The second part will provide the basic tools needed to understand how to enable large scale data analysis. This part will be complemented with a basic introduction to the Python programming language and examples taken from actual use cases. For the practical exercises and assignments, access to grid and cloud infrastructure will be enabled. At the end of this course, students will have an understanding of what are the challenges that have ot be addressed when supporting large scale computing with a focus on how scientific applications could be scaled on large scale infrastructures. Basic knowledge on Distributed Systems as well as on Object Oriented Programming paradigm are required for a full understanding of all modules of the class.
Use of FutureSystems
FG will be mostly used for implementing assignments. Few dozen of small/medium size VMs will be required with modest requirements (minutes/hours walltime per exercise and few GB of storage). We are expecting no more than 10 students.
We are planning to utilise FG in the fall semester October - December 2012.
Each student should have an account on FG and be able to spawn few VMs to impement thier assignment.
Scale of Use
It would be preferable to have granted access to small set of resources (enough to spaws 15-30 small size VMs) every Thrusday (during lab sessions), plus the ability to access and spawns few dozen of VMs on a sporadic frequency.