Microbial community structure of boreal and Artic soil samples

Project Details

Project Lead
Tejesvi Mysore 
Project Manager
Tejesvi Mysore 
Supporting Experts
Yang Ruan  
University of Oulu, Department of Biology  
Microbiology, Immunology, and Virology (611) 
26.05 Microbiology/Bacteriology 


Microbial community structure of the artic and Boreal forest soil samples will be analysed.

Intellectual Merit

Microorganisms are vital for all ecosystems on the earth. Enormous numbers of more diverse microbes are present and their abundances, is so important for the ecosystem, so this study will fill the gaps in the artic and boreal forest ecosystem.

Broader Impacts

Microbial community structure is very essential to know the kind of interaction happens between different genera and species.

Scale of Use

i will use it 2 days to one week for analysing the data