Biosequence Alignment Studies

Project Details

Project Lead
Adam Hughes 
Project Manager
Adam Hughes 
Project Members
Saliya Ekanayake  
Indiana University, Pervasive Technology Institute  
Computer Science (401) 


Various small experiments will be conducted in order to aid collaborators in their studies of biosequences. In addition, production runs will be performed in order to analyze (clustering) large biosequence data sets.

Intellectual Merit

Biosequence analysis continues to lag behind the generation of raw biosequence data. By investigating methods for pipelining analysis methods, we can provide further tools and insight into sequence classification.

Broader Impacts

Progress by our collaborators will provide stepping stones for ever more powerful sequence analysis methods. Successful classification of the sequence data of interest may lead to further insights into human genetics and spawn further research problems.

Scale of Use

"I'll be doing some simple configuration testing for biology jobs, which should be small in scale.\n\n\n\nIn addition, I may be running some sequence alignment jobs consisting of several hundred thousand to several million input sequences run against databases several GB in size."