Predicting economic activities using social media

Project Details

Project Lead
Shuyuan Deng 
Project Manager
Shuyuan Deng 
Supporting Experts
Tak-Lon Wu  
University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee, Information Technology Management Department, Lubar School of Business  
Computer Science (401) 
52.1201 Management Information Systems 


The underlying research project explores the possibilities of predicting economic activities using social media data. We are at the early stage of the project and provisioning computing facilities that are stable and scalable.

Intellectual Merit

Promote the use of social media data as well as the tools for analysis in management research.

Broader Impacts

We would consider setting up a small Hadoop cluster in our institution. We would also consider opening a big data analytic course using FutureGrid.

Scale of Use

4-8 nodes; 2-4 days per week; around 30 weeks