Project Details

Project Lead
Iain James Marshall 
Project Manager
Iain James Marshall 
Supporting Experts
Gregor von Laszewski  
Prologue, Expertise Manager  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


This project represents CompatibleOne, the Open Source Cloud Brokerage Platform on Future Grid and aims to provide information and assistance to users of the Accords Platform and the Cords Model for interoperability, cloud federation and automated provisioning.

Intellectual Merit

The project has been created to with an aim to providing information and assistance in the fields of federated and interoperable cloud computing

Broader Impacts

The CompatibleOne project is an OpenSource project promoting interoperability and federation of cloud computing not only at the IAAS level but also at an Any Service Level.

Scale of Use

The scale of use is at this moment unknown