Course: Advanced Networking class University of Colorado

Project Details

Project Lead
Eric Keller 
Project Manager
Eric Keller 
Project Members
Matthew Monaco, Murad Kaplan, Ryan Hand, Michael Ton, Aravind Mohankumar, Satish Rajasekaran, Ehab Ababneh, Srinivas Lakshminarayan, Francesco Di Natale, Matt Hulse, Andrew Sayler, Tejashree Morje  
Supporting Experts
Gregor von Laszewski  
University of Colorado, Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering  
Computer Science (401) 
11.01 Computer and Information Sciences, General 


In Spring 2013, I will be teaching an Advanced Networking course at the University of Colorado. This is a research oriented graduate level class which will provide students with exposure to tools commonly used by networking researchers as well as learn the state of the art research in the field.

Intellectual Merit

This proposal covers a graduate class, and on its own has little intellectual merit. However, with the tools in place, students will be free to advance the field through each of their projects.

Broader Impacts

With FutureGrid, graduate students will be provided with exposure to state of the art research infrastructure in addition to commonly used research tools. This will aid in their own research and hopefully be used as part of their semester project. Undergraduate students who have taken the network systems class offered at the Univ. of Colorado will be allowed and encouraged to enroll.

Scale of Use

One to two VMs per student for one or two assignments, which should take one week to complete. For a sub-set of students, periodic use of multiple VMs over the course of the semester on a research project.