Course: Advanced Networking class University of Colorado

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In Spring 2013, I will be teaching an Advanced Networking course at the University of Colorado. This is a research oriented graduate level class which will provide students with exposure to tools commonly used by networking researchers as well as learn the state of the art research in the field.
Use of FutureSystems
There will be two programming assignments -- one involving Click and one involving OpenFlow. I would like students to use FutureGrid to complete one of these assignments to get exposure to research infrastructure as well as tools. Additionally, students will be required to perform a semester long research project of their choosing. I would like FutureGrid available for them to use.
Scale of Use
One to two VMs per student for one or two assignments, which should take one week to complete. For a sub-set of students, periodic use of multiple VMs over the course of the semester on a research project.