D-SnapSim Experiments

Project Details

Project Lead
Project Manager
Supporting Experts
Fugang Wang  
Clemson University, School of Computing  
Computer Science (401) 


We implement SnapSim, an extension to the popular Avrora simulator. We also implement a distributed version of SnapSim, D-SnapSim, which runs on a cluster. FutureGrid will be used to obtain experimental data of D-SnapSim.

Intellectual Merit

Network simulation is an important tool for testing and evaluating wireless sensor network applications. Parallel simulation strategies improve the scalability of these tools. However, achieving high performance depends on reducing the synchronization overhead among simulation processes. We present an optimistic simulation algorithm with support for backtracking and re-execution. The algorithm reduces the number of synchronization cycles to the number of transmissions in the network under test.

Broader Impacts

The algorithm reduces wireless sensor network simulation time. By using our implementation of D-SnapSim, the time spent on developing and debugging wireless sensor network applications will be reduced.

Scale of Use

I will need from 2 to up to 32 VMs for the experiments.