Eucalyptus and Openstack

Project Details

Project Lead
Sharath S 
Project Manager
Sharath S 
Project Members
nareshkumar rk  
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Computer science organization  
Computer Science (401) 


This project is a research activity conducted at East Point College Of Engineering and Technology,bangalore,india. It takes place between febraury and july. The research activity is part of academic project. Technically this project will research the performance differences in Eucalyptus and Openstack. We are planning to conduct the following performance experiments: - The results of time to register an image in OpenStack and Eucalyptus.we need to include certain software to allow this. - The process to upload the image to the OpenStack cloud and Eucalyptus. - The performances when number of VMs are increased are calculated in both. - The result of this work shows response to concurrent requests. Graphs showing time to register,upload,response (as number of vms increase) differences. We pledge that in case a publication will result from our work to acknowledge FutureGrid. We will provide the FutureGrid team access to the data before publication .

Intellectual Merit

Provides performance and scalability comparison between eucalyptus and openstack.

Broader Impacts

The experiment will provide users information about when to use Eucalyptus or OpenStack .

Scale of Use

A few Virtual machines will be used for experiments