HPC Web Server

Project Details

Project Lead
David Choi 
Project Manager
David Choi 
Project Members
Matthew Hanlon  
University of Texas at Austin, TACC  
Computer Science (401) 


Advancing new web server technologies utilizing an intelligent transport interface over a tcp/ip network. Abstracting programming languages to facilitate building multilingual computing systems and help facilitate transitions to more real time systems. This framework will help advance open web servers to utilize concurrent programming models and facilitate software developers more flexibility between software technology frameworks

Intellectual Merit

Experimenting and analyzing performance of intelligent transport protocol against existing http web servers in the market. Creating concurrent experiments to help facilitate analyzing web server performance. This will help advance web server technologies forward and create an open platform for creating real time web based systems. Web applications are limited by their facility to use resources only on the client side device. Large scale data centers holds far more computational resource than front end devices in addition web based applications are inherently more secure than desktop applications due to the nature of where the software exists. Furthermore due to labor divisions within IT organizations different groups use different software stacks and programming languages to build their IT infrastructure. Creating a framework that completely abstracts which programming language is used will allow different programmers to mesh together with other programmers. Current web servers like Apache only help facilitate a number of programming languages and other add on modules do not help facilitate high performing applications. The contributions this project will make will greatly advance issues within the IT industry, both organizational issues and technical issues.

Broader Impacts

Advancing such a framework will help facilitate different levels of programmers trained in different areas of expertise. The difficulty with software development and the IT industry as a whole is the technical skill level people need in order to do their jobs effectively. Currently there is not an acceptable format to help facilitate software systems built from different team members with varying skill sets. Current approaches do not scale to meet the demands of real time web applications and limits the ability to create more rich and interactive systems for people to use and create. This will help those from less fortunate backgrounds to integrate their applications with more industry level applications. This will help bridge the skills gap in the current IT labor market as well as advance high performance cloud based systems and applications.

Scale of Use

I'll need a few VMs for an experiment.