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Computer Science
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NSF CNS-1217385
The HyFlowTM project is developing distributed transactional memory (or DTM) as an alternative to lock-based distributed concurrency control. HyFlow is a framework for DTM, with pluggable support for policies for directory lookup, transactional synchronization and recovery, contention management, and cache coherence. HyFlow exports a distributed programming model that excludes locks: using (Java 5’s) annotations, a programmer can define atomic sections as transactions, in which reads and writes to shared, local and remote objects appear to take effect instantaneously. No changes are needed to the underlying virtual machine or compiler.
Use of FutureSystems
On of the main purposes of the HyFlowTM project is to build scalable protocols for Distributed Transactional Memories. Scalability in terms of the size of the system so we would use the future grid resources for running experiments using several machines (>8).
Scale of Use
The size of the system is composed by several VMs for not a long time (e.g., 20 VMs for 1 day)