Interoperability tests between OGF HPC-BasicProfile endpoints

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Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center  
Computer Science (401) 


There are two main goals of this application: 1. provide persistent Smoa Computing service endpoint (a Basic Execution Service implementation conformant to the Open Grid Forum HPC-BasicProfile specification) on the FutureGrid testbed. 2. conduct feasibility study of using various BES implementation (Genesis II, Unicore 6 and Smoa Computing) in execution of the real life nano-technology application in fully unified manner.

Intellectual Merit

This proposed work has intellectual merit for the following reasons: it will extend portfolio of available HPC-BasicProfile services deployed on the FutureGrid testbed; it will use real-life application scenario as the validating use case.

Broader Impacts

The proposed work will have broader impact on the community for at least a few reasons: it will provide a persistent HPC-BasicProfile compliant endpoint instance than can be part of various interoperability, training and testing activities;it will provide end user experience on using HPC-BasicProfile compliant services; it will collect information which can potentially serve as background for further works, like federating distributed computing infrastructures.

Scale of Use

Longer term use, but with small average resources utilization.