Semantic Validation

Project Details

Project Lead
K Watkins 
Project Manager
K Watkins 
Wright State University, Kno.e.sis Research Laboratory  
Computer Science (401) 


Ontological validation is an important step for determining the reliability of information.

Intellectual Merit

It has become commonplace to use crowdsourcing to glean information from web-based materials. Crowdsourcing can be an unobtrusive alternative to other more traditional testing methods, since the subjects providing information are not prompted or solicited by the tester. However, crowdsourcing does not guarantee that shared sentiment is correct. It is important to have systems in place to ensure the validity of the information found. Furthermore, due to large amounts of data, it would be useful to provide semi-automated or automatic approaches to information validation. We focus efforts on the drug abuse domain for information validation.

Broader Impacts

Illicit drug use costs the nation almost $200 billion annually. Prescription drug abuse affects primarily children and young adults between the ages of 12 and 24. Providing educational materials to youth, young adults, and parents has been declared a top priority for drug abuse prevention. This work is used to combat drug abuse of prescription medications by helping epidemiologists keep abreast of trends to better detect nuances that can lead to current or future drug abuse.

Scale of Use

We plan to use a few VMS once a month for approximately 1 year. It will run approximately 1-2 days per session.