Dynamic Modelling and Artificial Intelligence in Study of Conflicts and Reconstruction

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Non-Life Science
The research programme “Conflicts and Reconstruction: Dynamics of Emotions and Fear” wants to meet two primary objectives. 1° - Achieving the convergence of different outputs resulting from different strands of research using dynamic modelling and artificial intelligence methodologies to incorporate them into an interactive simulation of conflict behaviour, which will allow to explore increasing complexities as new results and new fields of research will be added. 2° - Our research effort has to deal in the end with practical issue. We have to translate our findings into concrete policy suggestions for practitioners working in the involved fields. In order to achieve that goal, we propose to set up an advisory committee of experts familiar with conflict situations on the ground such as representatives from governmental, NGO, international, humanitarian organisations as well as private companies and who are used to difficult mid & long-term confrontations between groups and countries.
Use of FutureSystems
computation in multiple instances
Scale of Use
about 20 to 100 VM for parallel computation