REU: FutureGrid Introduction

Project Details

Project Lead
Mohammed Rangwala 
Project Manager
Mohammed Rangwala 
Project Members
Cameron Farnsley, Cynthia Franklin, Sedinam Gadzekpo, Alyxandria Henry, Eric Lovelace, Austin Miller, Gwendolyn Tennell, Ryan Wu, Wei Peng, Blake Howell  
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Department of Computer and Information Science  
Computer Science (401) 


This project/class serves to provide an overview of FutureGrid capabilities to a group of NSF REU students.

Intellectual Merit

The project/class will provide the NSF REU students with an understanding of the uses of FutureGrid and similar other cloud computing services.

Broader Impacts

Encourage students to use FutureGrid and inculcate an interest in Cloud computing technologies.

Scale of Use

Need systems to demonstrate experiments everyday for 8 hours everyday for 10 weeks.