Course: Parallel Computing

Project Details

Project Lead
Wilson Rivera 
Project Manager
Wilson Rivera 
Project Members
Kenneth Aviles, Joel Corporan, Miguel Garcia, Jose Diaz, Keishla Ortiz, Max R Berrios Cruz, Kevin Castillo, lexter seda, Edwin Ortiz Gonzalez, Heidi Negron, Alejandro Torres, Josue Santana, Jesus Diaz, Frances Acevedo, Irving Ramirez, Christian Vazquez, Luis de la Vega, Angel Garcia Garcia, Alexis Figueroa, Rafael Pol, Sam Elliott De La Torre Babá, Edwin Badillo-Mendez, Alberto Rios, Luis Rivera, Aldwin Pagan, Gabriel Huertas-Marrero, Samuel Matos, Pedro Colon-Hernandez, Carlos Abreu Takemura  
University of Puerto Rico, Electrical and Computer Emgineering Department  
Computer Science (401) 
14.09 Computer Engineering 


This course provides a broad introduction to the fundamentals in parallel computing and its enabling system architectures. The emphasis is on parallel architectures, memory access and programming models, performance modeling, virtualization, and design of parallel algorithms.

Intellectual Merit

In this course, students will explore the state-of-the-art and research directions relating to high performance computing.

Broader Impacts

This project will provide invaluable research, educational and training opportunities to undergraduate students.

Scale of Use

The class size will be about 40 students.