salsaDPI: a dynamic provisioning interface for public/ private IaaS cloud

Project Details

Project Lead
Tak-Lon Wu 
Project Manager
Tak-Lon Wu 
Project Members
Judy Qiu  
Indiana University, Pervasive Technology Institute / Community Grids Laboratory  
Computer Science (401) 


On-demand private cloud environment has become popular due to its flexibility and scalability. However, the complicated setup and installation process to obtain the computing resource has deterred users away. Inspired by the batch job model, we introduce a dynamic provisioning software, salsaDPI, to simplify these complications which allows domain scientists to focus on their scientific problems and run their applications on clouds with dynamic and automated installation and configurations.

Intellectual Merit

Initially, we have developed a java-based salsaDPI to provision VMs and to execute user-defined applications on FutureGrid India Eucalyptus. Now, we would like to experiment the performance, capacity, and scalability of this service, mainly it's related to the backend server chef (version 11.4.4). We'd like to run up to 150 c1.medium instances on India Eucalyptus and 50 instances on India/Sierra Openstack. If necessary, we may send special request to reserve some resources for specified amount of time.

Broader Impacts

The goal of this research is to investigate the possibilities for providing a dynamic provisioning interface for various applications which needs a one-click solution on IaaS.

Scale of Use

We will use India Eucalyptus and Openstack intensively for testing our service.