Forest Project

Project Details

Project Lead
Erik Keever 
Project Manager
Kate Keahey 
Project Members
Erik Keever, Kate Keahey  
Argonne Natl. Lab, Mathematics and Computer Science Division  
Earth, Atmospheric, and Ocean Sciences, n.e.c. (304) 


The Forest project seeks to create a framework that allows arbitrary remote-sensing devices to stream data to the cloud for processing and users to upload their own processing steps to combine and generate new data products and view the results.

Intellectual Merit

To implement an open architecture for streaming, archiving and processing remote sensor data inputs.

Broader Impacts

The ability to deploy large numbers of remote sensors and gather large amounts of data is growing as the costs to buy and maintain individual sensors decreases. The availability of an open and flexible system for putting the output from collections of sensor equipment together would valuable to any researchers needing multi-stream remote sensing.

Scale of Use

At initial scale, we expect to use relatively small number of VMs for our experiments.