Testing of Network Facing Services for the Open Science Grid

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The Open Science Grid (OSG) selects and distributes software for its user community. One of the activities is to validate the behavior of network-facing services beyond the currently deployed scenarios. One of the most difficult things to test is the effect of unreliable networking, so FutureGrid provides an excellent platform for this activity. We plan to make extensive use of the Network Impairment Device to verify the behavior of the main network facing services used in OSG.
Use of FutureSystems
Will install the services to be tested on one site, and client software on the other site.
Will launch a test suite from the client side while modifying the parameters of the Network Impairment Device.
Scale of Use
Need the Network Imparment Device and a few nodes on each side.
I will use the system for a few days at a time, with possibly significant dead times in between.