Authentication of Mobile Cloud Computing

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Shane Green 
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Shane Green 
Colorado Technical University, Computer Science and Engineering  
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Authentications in Mobile Cloud Computing, and investigates mobile security risk and security coverage. It suggests that while cypher keys employed may seem reasonable, they lack sufficient coverage to protect mobile devices authentications is layered in the providers systems. This study examines current mobile architecture and how companies use it to access data on a network. Mobile security is a main driver in protecting data in the mobile workforce where security needs to be addressed to protect the information as it is accessed. Based on current technology cryptic keys are used in systems to protect this information.

Intellectual Merit

Important data security issues arise from Mobile Cloud implementation, such as accessing business and personal social data on the same device. Third parties are engaging in data mining activities to obtain personal information that is then sold, or used in target marketing, determining location positions (think Google), shopping offers and other activities based on information gleaned from another’s smartphone signal interception. Once outside of a protected environment, the company does not have the capability to control or limit the downloading of applications are obtained through various application stores for personal mobile devices. Companies are, however, better able to restrict downloads on company-owned devices, but this becomes counter-intuitive with a tech savvy mobile workforce that tends to prefer personal (familiar) devises over company-provided equipment. When a mobile device accesses a cellular network, different security threats arise in connection with the data that is stored or accessed.

Broader Impacts

Building a mobile cloud environment for companies/ Individuals where limitations for mobile computing devices are a critical factor. The main aspect of reviews how the mobile device is able to authenticate and access data through Wi-Fi, cellular networks and the internet into a cloud environment from the company’s mobile environment. Below you can see the architecture for a mobile cloud environment.

Scale of Use

I want to run a set of comparisons of security mimicking the os for mobile devices and a mobile cloud environments. The experiment will take about two weeks for setup and testing to pull the necessary data that is needed to do the assessment. The mobile devices that will interact is a windows, android and Apple.