Graph/network analysis Resource manager

Project Details

Project Lead
Tirtha Bhattacharjee 
Project Manager
Tirtha Bhattacharjee 
Supporting Experts
Tak-Lon Wu  
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory  
Computer Science (401) 


resource manager is a project at NDSSl to intelligently allocate different platforms of HPC, grid or cloud computing resources for the graph/network analysis.

Intellectual Merit

The project can learn new echnique to intelligent resource allocation and middleware software as a pug-in-play for different kind of resources to join the shared pool.

Broader Impacts

The project may be helpful for any project at a large scale witha gradient of lab infrastructures and teams with large scale and compute intensive simulation and analysis jobs

Scale of Use

a few VM's first and then our need may grow with the extent of job allocation.