Course: Topics in Parallel Computation

Project Details

Project Lead
Heru Suhartanto 
Project Manager
Heru Suhartanto 
Project Members
Ardhi Pratama, Muhammad Hilman, Ari Wibisono, Husein Mufti, Rimphy Darmanegara, Muhammad Irfan Nasution, Lukmanul Hakim, Daya Adianto, Mufid Afif, Habiburrahman Tanjung, Yudhi Paramartha, Yakub Aqib Bayhaqi, Rizqi Synergy, Ade Sudiman, Ida Bagus Prawira Janottama Keniten, Denny Hermawan, Hafizh Hasrindra  
Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Computer Science  
Computer Science (401) 


This course covers theory of concurrency and parallelism. It also cover how to use it an high performance computing. The course is providing students with the concept of processing that need high performance computing (hpc) , the hpc computing architecture. providing students with skills to analysis problem solving that needs the hpc technology. providing students with skills to solve problem in cluster computing environments. The Students will have some exercises and homework using Cluster and GPU.

Intellectual Merit

It help students to explore and have sufficient experience using state of the art resources. Their experiences are valuable in the future collaborative activities.Software and curriculum materials developed under this project will be distributed to the community as free, open source materials.

Broader Impacts

it provides basic background in parallel computation. The students passed this courses will be able to joint some research projects related to parallel computation using Cluster and GPU.

Scale of Use

The class will use the system about 5-6 hours/day. In cluster, they will be using about 32-64 cores.


home work reports related with MPI and CUDA programming.